About the Festival

Happy children make happy families

Our focus is to deliver a festival experience tailored to children under 12, that offers the ultimate wow factor for you and your children at a reasonable, family-friendly price.

It will be an indoor, immersive, fairytale experience bursting with a wide range of thrilling and enjoyable interactive activities. The Kids’ Festival believes that ‘happy children make happy families’ and aims to elevate your quality time together and foster bonding experiences.

The Kids’ Festival offers annual, events with professional providers running activities that are organised into two amazing days which run from 9am-6pm, operating under the banner of Incredibly Cool Events Limited.

We’ve tailored activities for 1 to 11-year-olds with the needs of families at the heart of our planning. As a female-led team with first-hand experience as parents, we design and deliver events that are based on an in-depth understanding of what you want for your children, and what children want from an experience. You can be sure you and your family will have fun together in a nurturing, safe and secure environment.

Our event management experience means we really know how to organise unique and exciting events at amazing value. We offer you an unforgettable experience that creates a natural high and long-lasting, lovely memories.

We ensure our events are as accessible, user-friendly and stress-free as possible so you can focus all your attention on your child.

Why come to The Kids’ Festival?

Whilst there are similar children’s events already operating in the UK, research shows that they are ‘just okay’ or even ‘underwhelming’. Our events will be outstanding.

We are experienced event organisers with a history of successfully staged events. No other kids’ event will compare in terms of the volume, variety, and quality of activities we provide.

We’d like you and your kids to leave the event feeling elated, saying it was an amazing, fun and safe experience.

We’ve experienced events like this with our own children and know it can be done much better and on a larger scale. The Kids’ Festival will focus on the fun experience, and we recognise there is room for a quality child-focused festival.

So don’t miss out, book your tickets today.


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